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We are thrilled to announce the existence of the Standards Body for AI Fairness and Inclusivity, a dynamic and independent organization working tirelessly to ensure a future where AI and ML models are devoid of gender and cultural biases. As part of this critical mission, we invite enthusiastic experts and dedicated companies to collaborate with us in refining and evolving the standards that drive AI fairness and inclusivity forward. Moreover, we extend a warm invitation to businesses seeking recognition for their commitment to ethical AI practices to apply for our esteemed certification.

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Charter for the Creation of a Standards Body to Monitor and Test AI and ML Models for Gender, Cultural Bias, and Equity

We, the undersigned AI and technology enthusiasts, envision a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are developed and deployed with fairness, equity, and inclusivity. To achieve this, we propose the establishment of a standards body dedicated to impartially monitoring and testing AI and ML models for potential biases related to gender, culture, and equity. The purpose of this charter is to outline the principles and guidelines of this body, which will be responsible for creating and enforcing a comprehensive set of standards and certifications in collaboration with AI companies and experts.

Article 1: Purpose

  • The purpose of this standards body is to promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in the development and deployment of AI and ML models, ensuring equity and inclusivity for all.

Article 2: Creation of the Standards Body

  • The Standards Body shall be an independent and nonprofit organization, hosted on the non-profit open-source technology advocacy site,, comprising experts in AI, ML, ethics, gender studies, cultural diversity, and equity.
  • The Board of Directors shall oversee the implementation of the standards and ensure their ongoing relevance.

Article 3: Standard Development

  • The Standards Body shall collaborate with AI researchers, industry leaders, advocacy groups, and equity experts to develop comprehensive standards, methodologies, and tools to assess and mitigate gender, cultural, and equity biases in AI and ML models.

Article 4: Testing and Certification

  • AI companies may voluntarily sign a petition to pledge their commitment to adhere to the standards, undergo testing, and ensure their AI and ML models promote fairness, inclusivity, and equity.
  • Upon successful testing, AI companies will receive a certification, signifying their adherence to the standards and commitment to ethical AI practices that foster equity and inclusivity.

Article 5: Continuous Improvement

  • The Standards Body shall continually update the standards to keep pace with advancements in AI and ML technologies, new understandings of biases, and evolving principles of equity and inclusivity.

Article 6: Transparency and Accountability

  • The Standards Body shall maintain full transparency in its operations, decision-making processes, and updates to the standards, fostering trust and confidence in its mission.

Article 7: Collaboration and Outreach

  • The Standards Body shall actively engage with AI companies, academic institutions, governments, and advocacy groups to foster collaboration and widespread adoption of the standards for equity and inclusivity.
  • Educational initiatives shall be undertaken to raise awareness about AI bias, equity considerations, its consequences, and the importance of adopting fair and unbiased AI technologies.


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