Program Description

Open Build's Global Research Initiative

  • Collaborative projects with international tech companies.
  • Opportunities for U.S. students and junior developers to work on real-world problems.
  • Focus on open-source software development and ethical AI practices.

Become a Mentor

Share your expertise and shape the next generation of tech innovators.

  • Guide junior developers and students in complex projects.
  • Provide valuable industry insights and technical knowledge.
  • Contribute to nurturing a skilled and diverse tech workforce.
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Project Submission

Propose a Project

Submit your project ideas for our students to tackle in open-source challenges.

  • Bring innovative project ideas to life with fresh perspectives.
  • Collaborate with upcoming talents in the tech industry.
  • Contribute to open-source projects with real-world impact.
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Contact us to learn more about how our programs work, and the possibility to work together. Also, we are open to perspectives to develop separate programs together.